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The importance of tutoring for a new student cannot be underestimated

Do you remember the feeling when it was your first day in school or in the entry exams? Unfamiliar place and unbearable nervousness. “Can I find the right place? Am I there in time? Who can I ask for ...Read more

Who should I ask for help in case I need it?

The health of the students has been increasingly common topic in news and social media discussions. Have I been left alone with my concerns and sorrows? Is anybody going to help me? Who could help me? ...Read more

Balancing the everyday life

Hello everybody! My name is Kia and I’m an acting member, focusing on tutoring in student union TUO’s board. I started studying business and logistics in the fall of 2020. As my studies progressed, I got interested in ...Read more

Possibilities to influence in Turku

It is often said that it is important to listen to students in the decision making of the society.  In the same sentence it is mentioned that students themselves should influence the society and decision making. The question is, does a ...Read more

Turku UAS continues with the good results and it is thanks to every one of us!

The first What, Where, When? -afternoon of 2021 was hosted on the 27th of January via the TUO’s YouTube channel. Despite a few minor technical difficulties, the event went through nicely. We are working continuously to develop a better ...Read more

Student Union TUO is for everyone

“We are studying in the same field, but they aren’t at all like me.”  We students are both locally and nationally a big chunk of people and we are all individuals, regardless of the study field. The student union’s most important function is to ...Read more

TUO’s Chair Blogs: Notes from a busy January

Hello again, dear readers! In my previous posts, I have written about Student Union TUO’s different functions on a general level. I hope those posts have helped you to understand how Student Union TUO works. In this post, I thought to write a ...Read more

Increased income equals increased mental wellbeing

Five nights to go until the Finnish parliamentary election! In this text, the third and last part of my blog series about the Finnish student movement’s parliamentary election themes, I’ll write about students’ livelihood and the actions that ...Read more

Now is the time to fund tomorrow’s expertise!

In the first part of this blog series about Finnish student movement’s parliamentary election themes, I wrote about climate change, the problems that it causes and the change all of us have to undertake to keep our planet inhabitable. In this ...Read more

TUO’s Chair Blogs: Stronger together

Hi again! In this post, I thought I’d tell you about the ways Student Union TUO collaborates with other organizations. To put it mildly, we collaborate a lot! At first, though, let’s take a quick peek at what my part, as the chairperson of the ...Read more