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TUO’s Chair Blogs: Notes from a busy January

Hello again, dear readers! In my previous posts, I have written about Student Union TUO’s different functions on a general level. I hope those posts have helped you to understand how Student Union TUO works. In this post, I thought to write a ...Read more

Increased income equals increased mental wellbeing

Five nights to go until the Finnish parliamentary election! In this text, the third and last part of my blog series about the Finnish student movement’s parliamentary election themes, I’ll write about students’ livelihood and the actions that ...Read more

Now is the time to fund tomorrow’s expertise!

In the first part of this blog series about Finnish student movement’s parliamentary election themes, I wrote about climate change, the problems that it causes and the change all of us have to undertake to keep our planet inhabitable. In this ...Read more

TUO’s Chair Blogs: Stronger together

Hi again! In this post, I thought I’d tell you about the ways Student Union TUO collaborates with other organizations. To put it mildly, we collaborate a lot! At first, though, let’s take a quick peek at what my part, as the chairperson of the ...Read more

We need education to fight climate change

SAMOK, the national organisation for students of universities of applied sciences in Finland, and SYL, the national union of university student in Finland, want to bring education, income and climate change into public discussion before the ...Read more

TUO’s Chair Blogs: How to become a chairperson, part 2

Hi again, everybody! I’m going to continue from where I left off the last time: I’ll let you know how to become a member of TUO’s representative body, and then, how to become the chairperson… Or, at least, how I became one. First of all, you ...Read more

TUO’s Chair Blogs: How to become a chairperson, part 1

Hi again! A lot has happened since my last blog post. Get-togethers, meetings, trainings, choosing representatives… But before I tell you about all that, I thought I’d go back in time for a moment and let you know how I decided to pursue the ...Read more

TUO’s Chair Blogs: What is a student union, anyway?

Hi, and welcome to the blog of Student Union TUO’s chairperson! My name’s Jose Palmeiro. In 2019, I hold the position of the chairperson of TUO’s representative body, which means that at the same time, I’m also the chair of the whole student ...Read more

Let’s talk about equality in TUAS: are you aware of our equality programs?

One of the most important goals Student Union – TUO has, is to make sure, that every member of our community feels comfortable. When it comes to studying, both feeling safe and communal are a vital part of well-being, which (among other things) ...Read more

Search for help and anticipate – do you know why?

Visiting writer: Project worker Ranja Mäenpää, Tsemppari – A meeting place for young adults When it comes to our physical health, we take it seriously and go to the doctor when needed. How about when you feel that you don’t have enough ...Read more