After municipal elections


Municipal elections are over and new councilors are chosen. Congratulations to them all!

Information about elected candidates and about elections in general can be found for example from Yle’s result page. Here are some points from the results:

  • Voter turnout rose from 55,6 percent to 59 percent.
  • Council got younger! The average age dropped from 47 to 45 years.
  • In the last municipal elections held in 2012, 13 under 29 years old councilors were elected. This time only 9 young candidates were elected.

Now, after the elections are over, the real work begins. Voters should actively challenge the councilors also between the elections. This is exactly what TUO intends to do! Together with Group 40 000 we will continue our work to make Turku even more friendly for students!

What did we do?

Before the elections TUO published video interviews on Facebook. Videos got over 7000 views in total. Unfortunately at this point the videos are only in Finnish.