Student culture without drinking? It does exist!


Is there anything else to student culture than drinking and dancing at bars? I have been wondering about it, because previously I was a pretty typical sight at those events – always a pint in my hand. I got loads of new friends from those bar nights, but did those friendships last? Even though I did get some very close and very important friends, quite a few of those friendships didn’t occur outside the nightclubs.

So, I started to think, what if I’d reduce drinking and partying and could still meet new people and have fun with my free time. In the TUAS student union TUO’s board one of my responsibilities is arranging events without alcohol such as sport, culture and international events. I have started to prefer all other events than drinking and partying events.  And by doing that, noticed you can meet new people and have fun also without alcohol!

Next event I’m organizing is We are -project’s Lost in Turku, on Tuesday next week. Lost in Turku is an alcohol free campus race where students compete in teams visiting TUAS campuses and complete fun and wild tasks. The race and the after party are both free and by participating you’ll earn yourself a Finnternational overall badge. Lost in Turku is a great opportunity to get to know all TUAS campuses and meet new people! More information from Facebook.

TUO also organizes events together with The Student Union of the University of Turku – TYY, Student union of Åbo Academy University and Novia University of Applied Sciences’s Student Union Novium, such as Valentine’s day Rousette Skating.

And don’t forget TUO’s sport events and TUO’s Tuli sports. Follow our social media channels and TUO’s monthly bulletin to get updates. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me: