What is Finnish Student Sports Federation?


Do you do regular exercise? Do you walk or bike to school? Do you feel like you sit too much? Does your school offer opportunities for you to exercise? These are the type of things that the Finnish Student Sports Federation tries to affect with its actions.

So what is Finnish Student Sports Federation, or OLL for short? It is an organization whose main purpose is the promotion of the interests of their members, which are student unions both from university of applied sciences and universities. OLL works by improving the sport opportunities provided by the schools to its students and also by lobbying new legislations to our government that improve the health and activity levels of students.

Finnish Student Sports Federation throws three annual events for its member student unions. These are a great place for us at TUO to meet other student unions and know how university sport is arranged in their cities. OLL also offers great studies and research papers they’ve made as backup for all the student unions to use as lobbying material on their schools board or the city government etc.

OLL’s main goal is to raise the level of students who work out enough for their health. The number of students who work out enough for their health is currently at 30% and their goal is to reach 50% by the year 2020. There’s still a way to go, so it’s important for all the students to look at their lifestyle habits and how they could raise their level of activity to a healthier level.

Have an active autumn everyone!

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