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What is Finnish Student Sports Federation?

Do you do regular exercise? Do you walk or bike to school? Do you feel like you sit too much? Does your school offer opportunities for you to exercise? These are the type of things that the Finnish Student Sports Federation tries to affect with ...Read more

Why don’t you enroll with me?

Many of you have probably noticed ads about the student union council election on bulletin boards and TUO’s social media. “What election?” or “doesn’t interest me”, many might have thought. So why should ...Read more

To travel or to study? Why not both! The story of a student who crossed the world for his internship

Travelling broadens one’s horizons. Oftentimes, however, when one goes abroad the trip will only last for a couple of weeks, barely scratching the cultural surface. A fun trip, to be sure, but is over before you realize it. Once again it’s good ...Read more

Welcome, new freshman!

This fall’s orientating weeks have been kicked off with a bang, when most of the new students have arrived to campuses. Hallways and canteens are once again filled with freshmen and their tutors. To Student Union – TUO orientating weeks mean ...Read more

After municipal elections

Municipal elections are over and new councilors are chosen. Congratulations to them all! Information about elected candidates and about elections in general can be found for example from Yle’s result page. Here are some points from the ...Read more

So maybe you should vote?

During this fall a lot has happened in Turku University of Applied Sciences. There has been public discussion about the workload of studies, the access card and other stuff concerning students. Studying in TUAS is usually all good and fine but ...Read more

Hope to meet you at TUO’s campus tour!

Hello everyone! I am Joel, an engineering student from Porvoo and I study Information and communication technology  at TUAS. I started my studies ayear ago and am now focusing my studies on IP-networking. I usually spend my free time with my ...Read more

Multicultural and multidisciplinary co-operation at Campus Party!

Our Instagram followers have already perhaps noticed, that myself and Taru as Tuo’s members of board were able to participate the Campus Party event held in Utrecht, Netherlands. This was already the fourth iteration in Europe and moving ...Read more

Rookies’ point of view to life as TUO’s board member

Last year, when I was asked to join the student union board, I had no idea what it would mean in practice. My knowledge of the student union was pretty much non-existent. I felt that my studies and other activities were taking enough of my time ...Read more

Student culture without drinking? It does exist!

Is there anything else to student culture than drinking and dancing at bars? I have been wondering about it, because previously I was a pretty typical sight at those events – always a pint in my hand. I got loads of new friends from those bar ...Read more