Search for help and anticipate – do you know why?


Visiting writer: Project worker Ranja Mäenpää, Tsemppari – A meeting place for young adults

When it comes to our physical health, we take it seriously and go to the doctor when needed. How about when you feel that you don’t have enough energy to study as much as before and your mood is low for longer periods of time than normal? We are concerned about our physical health, but why not our mental health? Often mental fatigue or dejection may be lost when you reduce the workload momentarily. As the situation protrudes, external aid is of great importance. A person outside of your everyday life can help find ways to recover.

Tsemppari – A meeting place for young adults offers a variety of activities for young adults to support their mental health. You may have seen us in different events at campuses. If you need a discussion support, you can book a private discussion time with us. With a Tsemppari employee, you can consider different themes related to your own maintenance.

Mental health can also be supported in everyday life by doing things you like and make you happy. WHO (World Health Organization) defines mental health as a mental welfare state. It enables us to see our strengths and to get along with difficult life situations.

Mental health is easily associated with serious mental health problems and diseases. It is good to know their existence. Like physical injuries and illnesses, there are serious extremist examples of mental illnesses as well. If we are concerned of our mental health, it does not mean we are sick or getting sick. On the contrary, we prevent and care that our minds will continue to meet the challenges of everyday life.

To cope with everyday challenges, prevention is important. Loneliness is a good example of how it can affect your own well-being. At Tsemppari, loneliness can be prevented by visiting a meeting point to meet with employees and other young adults. To the meeting place you can come exactly as you are, as yourself.

Take a time to listen your wellbeing and seek help in early phase. As in many cases, prevention is also important with mental health. If one’s own endurance runs out, it may, in the worst case, affect the progress of the studies or cause burning out completely. For extreme situations, recovery will take longer.

So, ask for help and receive it, when needed.

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