Student Union TUO is for everyone


“We are studying in the same field, but they aren’t at all like me.”  We students are both locally and nationally a big chunk of people and we are all individuals, regardless of the study field. The student union’s most important function is to be the voice of the students and pursue the benefits of the students. But how does one define, how well we represent all the students?

The student union drives the advancement of the education and these advancements can be in your very field. Besides our working group representatives, we give the change to improve their respective fields to the students studying that field. Yet we advance our own goals to various political decision making. How do these decisions represent all the said students?

Student Union’s decision making involves the Student Council (21 representatives) that guide the political views of the student union and each one of the representatives represents about 500 students of TUAS. Student Council is chosen by the members of the student union and voting in the student council elections is influencing at its best. Besides this, the eight-headed board of the student union does a lot of affecting within the borders set by the Student Council. The political opinions of the student union are thus based in a number of opinions made together by a group of people and naturally this group holds a number of different opinions.

I’ve been involved in student and organisation activities for a few years and the biggest challenge is to get different kinds of people on board. The organisations work continuously to evolve their actions to be accessible for everyone, but the active members still seem to be very similar year after year and thus the organisations have set value which they represent. It would be easy to assume the very same from our student union, TUO.

When I got involved with the activities of TUO, I did not know anybody, and I was nervous what kind of people were a part of the organisation. I had just suffered brain damage and I was scared that my restrictions would create a set of assumptions in people’s minds. Despite all this I feel great here and now I am acting as the chairperson of the board for the second year.

Our equality is visible inside and out. In decision making, we take different kinds of views and values into account, and we act on them in our day-to-day work. Our influence shows honestly that our plan of equality is working. I can say it with pride that I haven’t felt once that I would be mistreated due to my disability, sexual orientation or even my political opinions.

It is the strength of TUO’s board that we have different kinds of people involved in our activities and each and every one of them is treated equally and everybody can be themselves. We have succeeded in a goal that many others are struggling with every day. I’m very proud of our student union and our community that consists of all of the student of TUAS. I’m very proud to say that we also represent a big number of opinions, which shows in our decision making and political goals.

Despite the different opinions, we are able to form a common stand as a group and represent that opinion together to advance the benefits of the students.

Student union used last year to advance its activities and its community so that we can reach more students than before and that our influence work looks like the students it represents. Student union’s goal is for every student to feel it as their own. The work we do is from students to students and we board members are equal students to the rest of you.

The work we do has given me a lot because I get to be myself. The student board works continuously to have more equal student community and university and leads by example with our actions.