Hope to meet you at TUO’s campus tour!


Hello everyone!

I am Joel, an engineering student from Porvoo and I study Information and communication technology  at TUAS. I started my studies ayear ago and am now focusing my studies on IP-networking. I usually spend my free time with my friends, playing video games and watching Netflix series. Currently I am hooked on Narcos, which I find very interesting, intense and entertaining.

I got elected in TUOs board in the middle of august. Before being elected to TUO I have been a tutor and a student representative of the Faculty of ICT. My responsibilities in TUO are communications and sports. I usually hang around ICT so if you ever have anything to ask I’ll be glad to answer your questions and talk to the students – I won’t bite, I promise!

The beginning of this fall has been very delightful to me. Many interesting courses have started and I have finally settled back into Turku. I spent most of the summer working in Helsinki. As  fall goes on, winter is coming and my snowboarding –fever increases. Last winter I bearly had time for snowboarding but next winter I am planning on going to check out the Alps. Snowboarding is a precious hobby to me and I’ve been snowboarding for almost 20 years. Jumping and doing tricks is not for me, I just love the feeling of snowboarding down long and difficult routes, that’s the dream.

The fall also brings us other things besides winter. There are many student events being held by various organizations. The events makes our student lives more meaningful and bring balance into our normal way of living. The Freshmen party, Keltanokkabileet, is now in the past and helping to organize that event was fun! This week, on Thursday, the engineering students from all over Finland are going to take over the the Baltic Sea on ASTin cruise.

Within the next two weeks we will be touring the TUAS campuses with TUO’s campus tour, “TUOrnevaalit”. During the event you can come say hello to TUOs board, members of the representative body of Student Union TUO and student associations. TUOrnevaalit will be held in every campus of TUAS and will bring you fun activities and lottery to bring you balance for the daily studies. Lottery will be held and the grand prize is a ticket to TUOs 20th anniversary celebration, which you should not miss! I hope most of you are able to join to TUOrnevaalit!

Disclaimer: Despite the unquestionably stylish look, the cover picture is not representing Joel’s everyday style as it was taken at TUO’s Freshmen party with a 90’s theme ;)