Turku UAS continues with the good results and it is thanks to every one of us!


The first What, Where, When? -afternoon of 2021 was hosted on the 27th of January via the TUO’s YouTube channel. Despite a few minor technical difficulties, the event went through nicely. We are working continuously to develop a better event experience.

The speaker of the first event was the rector and president of Turku University of Applied Sciences Vesa Taatila. Mr. Taatila came to talk about how Turku UAS has succeeded regarding other universities of applied sciences and how does the future of Turku UAS look like currently.

At the beginning of his speech Mr. Taatila explained how well we had succeeded when comparing to other universities. We have been on the right track of positive advancement in which we had gotten into a few years ago. Our results have seen a positive development in almost every sector, even though coronavirus made things considerably more difficult last year. A big thank you goes to the school’s staff, which has been trying their best to answer the needs of the students. We must not forget students and their meaning in the bigger picture. Without the will and ability to learn, even during these exceptional circumstances, we would not be in the situation we are now. Our students have most the most part advanced their studies well and graduated into workforce to our area. Thus, a big thank you to all of you students, who have had the strength to continue advancing in your studies, even though our lives have been otherwise very restricted.

Surely all this success must have some positive effects on each and every one of our lives, right? They certainly do! Turku UAS has gained an access to a funding that grows slightly every year and at this point in time we do not need to fear any sort of cuts to our activities. Due to the growth of the funding, it is possible to hire more staff, purchase more equipment among other things. We do have certain money pits within our university, but during these difficult times we should follow the saying “easy does it”. We need to find worthwhile things to invest in together instead of throwing money at everything. The student union is going to discuss with the representatives of the university about where the money should go to first. Quoting Mr. Taatila: “Now we are finally in a situation in which we can examine what we should do and what is worthwhile instead of being in a situation where we need to think whether we have the funds to allocate to everything.

What, When, Where? -afternoons continue on the 23rd of February at 4PM. The speaker of the event will be revealed closer to the date. To keep up with what is happening and where you can follow the social medias of the student union. There is also the new YouTube-channel of TUO, where we will produce different kinds of videos, so subscribe to the channel!