So maybe you should vote?


During this fall a lot has happened in Turku University of Applied Sciences. There has been public discussion about the workload of studies, the access card and other stuff concerning students. Studying in TUAS is usually all good and fine but regardless of shooting for perfection, it’s not always achieved.

There are endless amounts of ideas and suggestions how to make things better. In the end though, when the chance to make a difference presents itself, chances are that one cannot take it. For one reason or another the places of influence are left for others.

You shouldn’t throw in the towel no matter the reason you can’t take the chance. Be it limitations of time available or whatever. You can still make your voice heard and it doesn’t even actually require a lot of time or effort. There are people applying for the Student Union council who are very likely to want the same changes as you. They are also prepared to use the extra time and effort to influence those matters. You can show your support by giving out your vote for them.

The council elections began with pre-elections on Monday and will run through until Sunday. After that the web voting will be closed and the elections will continue with traditional ticket voting on every campus on Wednesday, the 9th of October – so you basically have a chance to give your vote for a candidate of your choice almost round the clock. Voting is simple and quick but it does have an effect for the whole year at least.

Be it any candidate or any list that you choose to vote, be mindful that even one vote can shape the student union for years. The decisions made in the student council usually tend to last for years. For this reason, every single statement in the right time and right place can have far reaching consequences in not only our own University of Applied Sciences but also in whole Turku.

The significance of one vote only grows when you take into account the amount of our members entitled to vote. In the Finnish elections to the European Parliament it is nothing new that one vote can make it or break it. The difference is that those elections have about 945 times more people entitled to vote (  checked 25.5.2014). Now is your chance to go and vote. I am definitely doing that.

Btw. You’ll get a cool overall patch for voting!