Welcome, new freshman!


This fall’s orientating weeks have been kicked off with a bang, when most of the new students have arrived to campuses. Hallways and canteens are once again filled with freshmen and their tutors.

To Student Union – TUO orientating weeks mean increased presence at campuses with various events and pop up points in visible places around the campus areas. One can find us from informational gatherings, pop ups, handing out coffee and at our actual service points (opening hours can be found here). You can visit our service points, if you (e.g.) need a semester sticker for your student card (if you are continuing member, please note that old stickers are valid only until September 30th) or pick up a new tote bag and calendar for yourself.

To a new student, one of TUO’s most important tasks is to share information and make sure, that the students are aware of their rights to our different services while they are members of TUO. We create communality with events (e.g. 14 September there’s our freshmen party, “KNB2017”, that one CAN’T miss), upcoming trainings and simply just being around in students’ everyday life. You can always grab us by the hand when you see us wandering the hallways, or pop around by the office – if you have a question, we’ll answer it the best we can and help you with unclear things!

Come and give us a hey for example during our coffee moments – we are here, just for you! ♥

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