Why don’t you enroll with me?


Many of you have probably noticed ads about the student union council election on bulletin boards and TUO’s social media. “What election?” or “doesn’t interest me”, many might have thought. So why should you take an interest in council election, and why should you enroll as a candidate?

TUO’s representative body acts as the highest governing body of TUO. 31 representatives and at most 31 alternate members are chosen by election every autumn and they are in office for a full calendar year. So one could say that representative body is like a parliament of the student union. The representatives decide on the plan of action and the financial evaluation, accept the activity report and the accounts from the previous year, define the amount of the membership fee and decide on possible changes to the rules and regulations. Additional to this the representatives select the board of TUO and the student representatives of the faculties of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Every member of the student union has the right to be a candidate and to vote, if they have paid their membership fee before the enrolling ends (13th of October 12.00 am). The student union council election is held as a proportional personal list election and there are different lists, in other words representatives groups in the representatives. Lists can be, for example, based on the field of study or political interests. More information about election and practicalities can be found here at TUO’s website.

So why should you enroll as a candidate? Well, the student union looks exactly the way that the members want it to look. Therefore it is the benefit of the student union, and yours, that students from all the fields of study and campuses are represented in the decision making. It is also important, that there are both first timers and more experienced student representatives involved. Don’t worry if you don’t know everything, because you’ll learn many things by doing! To be a student representative also gives you tons of valuable experience and skills for your future. Getting to know people and networking with other active students are also great reasons to become a student representative.

Got interested? In that case, enroll as a candidate! If you have doubts or questions, get in touch with current representatives, members of TUO’s board or active students in your study field, or visit TUO’s member service points!

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