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Student Union TUO’s head office is located on the Lemminkäisenkatu campus. Service point is located on the Educity campus. On this page, you can find opening hours, contact details, and feedback forms for different occasions!

You can contact as via email in all matters.

Contact information

The Student Union of the Turku University of Applied Sciences
(Turun ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta – TUO)
Lemminkäisenkatu 30
20520 Turku

FInd us:
Lemminkäisenkatu campus, B wing, enter from the courtyard

Tel. 045 674 4436
Email: /

Contact form

Invoicing address:
Turun ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta – TUO
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Online invoicing address:
Online invoicing address: 003720457841
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)
OVT identifier: DABAFIHH

Membership service points

All point are closed on the week 42 and all the holidays.

We will open our new service point in Educity on the 1st of September.

Card payments only!



Monday 10-14
Tuesday 10-14
Wednesday 10-17
Thursday 10-14
Friday 10-14

You can enter the Student lounge in Lemminkäisenkatu every time the doors are open. You can come to make coffee, play Wii or just relax on the sofa.

Salo & Linnankatu

The pop up points are open every two weeks on Salo and Linnankatu.


Salo team organizes the membership service in Salo.

Ti 18.9.
To 8.10.
Ke 4.11.
To 10.12.

From 10.30 to 12.30.


3.9., 15.9., 1.10., 6.10., 22.10., 3.11., 19.11., 1.12.

You can find us from the lobby between 10-12.


Staff members of Student Union TUO work mainly at TUO’s headquarters, office at Lemminkäisenkatu. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for you!

Tero Rinne Executive director +358 45 670 6650

operative management, staff leadership, financial management, cooperation agreements, communications co-ordination

Lumi Sallinen Adviser, membership service and tutoring & harassment officer +35845 137 6860

membership and student card issues, student tutoring at TUAS

Marko Grönlund Adviser, promotion of interests and educational development & harassment officer +358 45 881 4050

educational and international affairs, student contacts

Ida Myllärinen Adviser, events and services +358 40 173 4709

event management, marketing


TUO’s board main objetive is to run operative actions at Student Union together with the staff. Here is our contact information, let’s keep in touch!

Carl Åberg Vice chairperson +358 40 414 7397

TUO community and active members

Amanda Savo Member of the board +358 44 238 2470

Events and communications

Akseli Helenius Member of the board


Ilona Piira Member of the board +358 44 363 3090


Toni Tuunainen Member of the board

Educational policy

Santtu Pääkkönen Member of the board

Social policy

Emma Hentunen Member of the board


Student Council

Pyry-Petteri Lahtinen Chairperson of the Student Council +358 50 409 7679
Emmi Junkkari Vice chairperson of the Student Council

The governing body of Student Union TUO is the Student Council which consists of 31 members. Members are elected every November and begin work January 1st of the following year. Council’s term is one calendar year. Each member of the Student Union is eligible to run for the council and has a vote in the elections.

The mission of Student Council is to determine how TUO’s resources (such as time and money) are used. The Council monitors and guides the board’s work.

It is task of the group leader to promote the flow of information between the president & vice-president and its own group. The group leader also can lead his group by arranging group meetings.

Student Union TUO’s Chairperson is the Chairperson of the Student Council. The Student Union’s Executive Director acts as the secretary of the council.

Members of the Student Council 2020


Noora Tamminen
Tapio Mattila
Laura Rinne
Patrik Mäki
Sara Musta
Alexander Saari
Veera Koivula
Aleksi Lindström
Meri Männistö
Taru Ikonen
Janus Porali
Rebecca Nylund
Oskari Ketola (Group leader)
Josefina Salmi
Heidi Parkkila

Tekniikan taitajat

Jone Nousiainen (Group leader)
Neea Laine
Waltteri Valkamo
Eero Kairittu
Pyry-Petteri Lahtinen
Niko Penttilä
Sandra Dyster
Juulia Santanen


Veera Lähteenmäki
Juho Sandbacka
Ida Koli
Emmi Junkkari
Nantte Luoma
Jere Vuorio
Santtu Pääkkönen

Rakennustekniikan taitajat

Jose Palmeiro (Group leader)

Alternate members in order of entry 2020

  1. Matilda Runonen, Eläinoikeuslista
  2. Oona Metsola, Sote
  3. Aaro Pihkala, Sote
  4. Nea Karsikas, Sote
  5. Johannes Rantanen, Sote
  6. Mikke Kuula, #Ennen
  7. Iiro Rauhala, Tradenomivaikuttajat (Group leader)
  8. Joona Sibakov, Tekniikan taitajat
  9. Joonas Alanko, Tekniikan taitajat
  10. Anna Pentti, Tradenomivaikuttajat
  11. Tuomas Lähteenmäki, Tekniikan taitajat
  12. Stefan Zinck, Tekniikan taitajat
  13. Anton Venno, Tekniikan taitajat
  14. Veera Nyfors, #Ennen (Group leader)


Student organizations at TUAS work together with the Student Union to improve the level of education offered in the various fields at TUAS. Student organizations have student representatives that represent the students of their field in, for example, degree meetings.

Student associations may have connections to trade unions and/or the professional field.


Student Union TUO wants to hear your ideas! Pass them on to us using the feedback form. Remember to leave your email address if you would like TUO to contact you.

TUO’s members can pass a member initiative with other members of the Student Union to the representative body. The representative body will process initiatives in their meetings.

You can also report missing grades. Read more here!

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