The student union council election

Here you can find all the info about the student union council election 2018.

Official Election Day: November 7
Early electronic voting: October 22nd - November 2nd

What is representative body?

TUO’s representative body (31 members) acts as the highest governing body of TUO. The representatives are chosen by election every autumn and they are in office for a full calendar year. Every member of the student union has the right to be a candidate and to vote.

The representatives decide on the plan of action and the financial evaluation, accept the activity report and the accounts from the previous year, define the amount of the membership fee and decide on possible changes to the rules and regulations. Additional to this the representatives select the board of TUO and the student representatives of the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The representatives’ president and vice-president are chosen at the first meeting of the representatives. They also act as a president and vice-president of the whole student union. The representatives’ president and vice-president prepares the representatives’ meetings together with the executive director and the chairperson of the board. The executive director acts as the representatives’ secretary.

At the forming meeting other important choices are also made: the chairperson and other members of the board for the following year and student representatives of the central election committee, to name a few. Any student of TUAS can be nominated in the board.

The student union council election is held as a proportional personal list election and there are different lists, in other words representatives groups in the representatives. Every group chooses the leader of the group.

It is task of the group leader to promote the flow of information between the representatives’ president & vice-president and its own group. The group leader also can lead his group by arranging group meetings.

In addition to the meetings, the representatives work in the pre-meetings. In the pre-meetings representatives will enter into backgrounds of the matters which are decided in the meetings.

Working language of the representative body is Finnish. However, possibility to participate will be arranged (for example with translator) if non-Finnish speaking candidates are elected to the representative body.

Enrolling as a candidate

Enrolling as a candidate starts on the 3th October and ends on the 15th October 2018, 12.00 am. Only the members of the student union TUO are able to be nominated. One of the council elections list documents has to have the candidate’s name on it.


Official Election Day is November 7th at Ruiskatu, Lemminkäisenkatu, Sepänkatu, ICT-City, Linnankatu and Salo campus at 11.00 am – 2.00 pm. Early electronic voting is held from 22nd of October to 2nd of November 2018, 12.00 am.

Only the members of student union TUO are able to vote. To be able to vote, membership fee must be paid until October 13th 2018. Membership fees paid after this won’t give the right to vote! Remember to take your valid student card with you to polling station.

All the members will get the voting instructions to their TUAS e-mail. If you know you are able to vote and do not get voting instructions to your e-mail, please contact us:

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