Harassment officers

Harassment is an activity that the harassed person finds uncomfortable in some way. It may be related to the ethnicity, sexuality, wealth, religion, physical characteristics, or gender of the person being harassed. Harassment also includes bullying and discrimination.

Viljami Heikkilä Chairperson of the Student Council

Every student has the right to equal treatment and physical and mental integrity in college. Under the Equality Act, students may not be discriminated against on the basis of their characteristics. The law regulating gender equality must, in turn, guarantee gender equality in studies as well. Gender diversity must be recognized in the higher education community.

You can contact the TUO’s Harassment officers if you need an impartial listener for your concerns. Harassment officers also provide support to take harassment or equality issues forward. The only exception is situations where the student or another person in the university community is at risk of violence. All discussions are confidential.

You can contact harassment officers with this form.