Legal aid and advice

Legal Aid Commission of Turku University also provides free legal advice to TUO members

Various legal issues and problems are related to many very mundane matters, such as the purchase of a computer or other goods, the conclusion and termination of both a lease and an employment contract. There are numerous examples of this.

Many, especially students, may be offered unreasonable rental terms illegally (for example, the law on renting a residential apartment stipulates that a guaranteed rent may not be agreed to be equivalent to more than three months’ rent). Similarly, students unfortunately often come across employment contracts whose terms may not be quite in line with the law.

The Legal Aid Committee consists of law students. We are committed to helping all students in the best possible way – to the best of our ability and professionalism. During this year, we have assisted in a number of different matters, including testaments, marriage contracts, title deeds, employment and tenancy agreements, formation documents and association rules, as well as advising on various disputes as well as the most common study and everyday issues.

Contact the Legal Aid Committee if any issues arise!

NOTE! Due to the current pandemic situation, the Legal Aid Commission does not currently receive clients face to face but is operating remotely for the time being (the Commission’s telephone is also not yet in use). The committee is actively monitoring the situation and announcing its return to normal on-call time when the time is right.

The commission can still be contacted by sending an e-mail to: Duty hour on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm.

If you are interested in meeting remotely with the commission, it is possible to arrange one, if you contact us in good time. You can request an appointment by sending an email to the commission. If you otherwise have general questions about the Legal Aid Commission and its activities, you can contact Roosa Toivonen (, the chairman of the Legal Aid Commission-

Please remember to send your email from your school email so we can verify that you are entitled to this service. All cases and customer information are confidential. When contacting the commission, list the details of your case as well as possible: what exactly has happened and when and what is on your mind about it. We will ask for more information if necessary. Please also remember that the Legal Aid Commission does not provide criminal or tax legal advice or draw up documents, even indirectly.

The Legal Aid Commission wishes a very nice and rewarding autumn to everyone. Let’s take care of each other and our rights!