A new student of TUAS – Welcome to be part of Student Union!


First, a big congratulation of getting a new study place!

The student life brings huge amount of new information, new friends and Student Union is with you through the studies.

Why is it worthwhile to become a member of Student Union TUO?

  • TUO helps and supports you through the studies. Student Union will help you if, for example, your course grade is late, or you meet disturbance or teasing in TUAS.
  • The digital membership card works as an identifier of the membership of Student Union, the student card with which you get both national and local discounts.
  • Member discount tickets to TUO’s events (for example KNB) and discounts when buying TUO’s products, such as overall patches.
  • As a member you get our newsletter about upcoming events and news which is related to the student life.
  • You can get legal advice free-of-charge.
  • You get the chance to make an impact: all members have a vote and can run for office in the student union council election.
  • Together we are more – TUO has more than 5000 members. Our opinion is listened to for example in local decision-making.

If you have something to ask about the memberships or joining, you will find our contact information from here.

How to become a member of TUO? 

You can become a member of Student Union as soon as you have the e-mail address and the student number of the school.

When you got the email and student number, go to Kide.app which works as the web shop of TUO.
Sign into the web shop with your Facebook account or you can make a new account to Kide.app.

Select the wanted membership period and fill out the application form. You can pay your membership fees for a shorter time (semester or academic year), or for your full TUAS studies all in one go. The longer membership you choose, the more you save!

After the buying of the membership you can buy our event tickets, overall patches or other products of TUO!

The membership information will move within a day to our membership register after which you can activate Slice card from slice.fi/upload.

Ps. Legendary KNB is the best start to the student life. The ticket sale starts in Kide.app on Monday the 26th of August.

Welcome to be part of TUO community!