Early bird tickets for PNB on 10th of June!


The legendary PNB aka Red nose party takes over the Aalto Nightclub on 5th of September!

The early bird tickets for PNB come for sale on Monday the 10th of June in 2019

For the first time we are releasing a limited amount of tickets for sale already in advance. The ticket sale begins on Monday the 10th of June at 12.00. The tickets can be purchased from TUO’s webshop. The early bird tickets are only for the members of TUO and they cost 10 euros. When you buy the early bird ticket you also get the Miniappro for free!

Early bird tickets are for sale until the 20th of June  at 12.00 or until they are sold out.

Every PNB-ticket includes the cloakroom fee, the PNB-overall badge and a drink from Hartwall. After the Red nose party you can continue enjoying the evening with the KNB-freshmen at Aalto Nightclub. The facebook-event is found here.

What is PNB?

PNB aka the Red nose party along with the KNB – freshmen party is the opening event of the semester for the students of TUAS. The new freshmen students head for KNB party and the older students start celebrating at PNB at Aalto Nightclub from 19.00-21.00 when the freshmen wander around the city to complete the exciting check points. There is going to be different competitions and nice chilling at the PNB-party.

When you buy the ticket to PNB you can also buy the Miniappro that has been previously only for the KNB freshmen. Miniappro-tour takes place from 17.00-21.00. The brave students that consume six beverages will receive the PNB – Miniappro overall badge from Aalto Nightclub at 19.00-21.00. The Miniappro ticket can be collected from Lemminkäisenkatu campus on the same day either from the TUAS-opening at 14.00-16.00 or from the KNB starting event at 16.00-17.00.

The tickets cost 10/15€ for PNB and with the Miniappro 13/18€.