Howler mail is now snail mail!


Student Union TUO have offered howler mail service to students at TUAS to report missing grades. Now howler mail got a new name: Snail mail! Service is still the same. Fill out the snail mail form from contact page, and let us know which evaluations are late, the course and the teacher in question and how long it’s been since the due date. We will provide the teacher a formal request to complete the evaluation and publish the grades in WinhaWille. The student remains totally anonymous every time.

When are the grades officially late?

According to Degree Regulations of Turku University of Applied Sciences the grades or evaluation of the course or exam must be provided to the students within two weeks of the exam or finishing the course, unless the teacher notifies otherwise. So if the teacher notifies that grades of a specific course or exam will be out for example within a month, you shouldn’t use Howler mail.

Before sending a Howler mail, check carefully that you have returned all assignments and papers recuired for the course. If don’t get the grades within a week from sending a Howler, send a new one. Student Union reports all Howler mails to school administration twice a year, leaving students totally anonymous. Student Union doesn’t have access to Winha and there for won’t be able to check any additional information concerning grades or the courseplan.