Member Survey 2020



The purpose of the Student Union is to make students heard in the university community and support in the challenges that may arise during your studies.

In addition to this, a number of services have developed around the basic function with the aim of helping students to cope in everyday life (e.g. various discounts and tutoring) and to increase well-being (e.g. events and sport services).

Do the activities and services of the Student Union currently meet your needs? Would you like the Student Union to provide services that it does not currently offer? Does the information about the activities of the Student Union reach you?

The opinion of every student is important because the Student Union does what students want.

Answer the survey and let us know what YOU think!

The survey is open until the 7th of June 11pm. After answering the questions you can participate in a draw and win tickets to the PNB party on September 9th or products of TUO (value 10€).