Only for TUO’s members: discounted tickets to Ruishelmi festival


Student Union TUO’s members can get tickets to Ruishelmi festival for discounted price!

Summer seems still far away but luckily we can enjoy music festivals in the winter time too! Ruishelmi festival is held in February 8th and 9th 2019 to celebrate the 50th annual Ruisrock festival. If you are a member of the student union TUO, you can buy a ticket for Ruishelmi at a discounted price!

The prices for the tickets (only for TUO’s members):
Ticket for Friday 45€
Ticket for Saturda 45€
Ticket for two days 85€

You can purchase your ticket from TUO’s web shop and pick the paper ticket from TUO’s office in Lemminkäisenkatu (the room called Kyvetti, next to the info). Lemminkäisenkatu office is open on Tuesdays at 13-17, on Wednesdays at 9-12 & 13-14 and on Thursdays at 10-12 & 13-16. Tickets are also sold on the Lemminkäisenkatu office for those TUO’s members that have bought their membership before the web shop was launched in August 2018.

Please note that you can only buy one ticket/TUO’s member.

On Friday the 8th February Ruishelmi festival has great artists and bands including Sanni, Pyhimys, Gasellit, Younghearted and many others! On Saturday the 9th February JVG, Evelina, Ellinoora and Ruusut and others get on stage. You can visit Ruishelmi’s official page to see all artists.

The picture of JVG is from Ruishelmi festival’s press picture.