Student Union TUO’s new board for 2019 had an organization meeting


The representative body of the student union TUO has an organization meeting on 21st November 2018. The chairperson and the vice chairperson of the representative body and the board for 2019 were selected in the meeting.

Chairperson of the representative body: Jose Palmeiro
Vice Chairperson of the representative body: Miro Toiviainen

The representative body also selected the members of the central electoral board and the financial comittee.

Chairperson of the central electoral board: Viivi Vaino
Members of the central electoral board: Santtu Pääkkönen, Mirjam Nevala, Josefina Salmi and Sami Lehti. Alternate members: Jere Vuorio, Iiro Lehtiö and Lisa Holma.

Members of the financial commitee: Anna Pentti, Aku Larke, Stefan Zinck, Minttu Lahtela and Jukka-Pekka Salmela.

The board’s main objective is to run the operative actions together with the staff. The board of the student union consists of chairperson, vice chairperson and six members of the board. At the organization meeting on the 10th December 2018 the responsibilities for next year were decided.

Mikke Kuula, chairperson of the board (finances, administration, business co-operation and interest groups)

Niklas Mettälä, vice chairperson of the board (interest groups, service design, co-ordination of the board)

Seppo Aalto, member of the board (municipal affairs, Salo campus)

Jade Tähtinen, member of the board (social affairs, educational affairs, student representatives)

Riina Suomi, member of the board (events, international affairs, TUO’s clubs)

Amanda Savo, member of the board (tutoring, VIP-programme)

Niklas Pelander, member of the board (alumnus, work, sports)

Neea Laine, member of the board (events, TUO-team, marketing)