Release about actions of TUO in case of coronavirus


According to the recommendations of the Finnish Government and the instructions of TUAS, Student Union TUO closes its offices and starts working remotely from March 17th, 2020 onwards. 

The membership service points will be closed from March 17th until otherwise informed. Membership services are carried out online and you can be in contact by email in We recommend downloading the official digital membership cards. The student card stickers will be discussed case by case. We will reconsider the office hours when the situation improves.

TUO will be working remotely in all of its operations for the time being. The board, the representative body and comittees will have their possible meetings via remote access. The representative body prepares for postponing the spring meeting. These changes will be informed about later on. TUO and the office will be available by email and phone in important issues.

TUO will cancel all of its own spring 2020 events and recommends its partner associations to do the same.

This means that we will not have May Day related events, What, Where, When? evenings or Student Mental Health Day.

The Student Union will focus on development projects and getting ready for autumn. We will inform about possible changes actively.

More information and contacts:

Jade Tähtinen
+358 45 670 5011

Tero Rinne
Executive director
+358 45 670 6650