Student council meeting


Student council hosts their next meeting on the upcoming Tuesday 21st of september at the ICT auditorium in Alpha at 5 pm .

On the agenda of the meeting is the supplementary budget estimate for the autumn, completing the student union’s board as well as the central election committee and choosing a new vice chairperson for the student council.

Meeting’s agenda also contains freedom of responsibility, financial statement, the year report of 2020, choosing a member for the TYS’ board for the years 2022 to 2024 and lastly spectating the order of things of the workign groups under the student council.

Every member of the student union is welcome to come follow the meeting. Meeting will be also streamed in TUO youtube channel.

Please note that the meeting will be held principally in Finnish.

What is the Student Council?

Student Council of TUO have the highest authority of the student union. It makes decisions related to the student union’s finances and goals. The 2021 Representative Council was elected on November 4, 2020.