Student Union TUO will switch Frank to Slice – what does this mean?



TUO has resigned cooperation agreement with Frank and started cooperation with Bulletin about the change was released on Tuesday 31st July. Cooperation with Frank will end on 30th September. will be introduced during August.

How do I get my student card?

You can join to student union on our web shop, which will open the 6th of August at latest. After you have paid the student union fee, you need to download either Frank or app on your phone. This will provide you your student card. You are able to use Frank until 30th September, and will be introduced during August.

What if I am already a member?

You can pay your student union fee on our web shop. If you already have a physical card, you will get semester sticker like before. Digital card will work on Frank until 30th September, and after that, you need to download app to get TUO’s student discounts.

What if I want a physical card?

TUO won’t be ordering physical cards after cooperation ends with Frank. Until the 30th September, you can order a physical card via Frank. You need to be a member of TUO to get a semester sticker to your physical card.

What are regional benefits?

TUO is negotiating regional benefits on Turku and Salo regions with many different industries, and will inform more about where and what kind of benefits you get during August.