Thank you for everyone who responded to the membership survey!


TUO’s yearly membership survey was implemented digitally from 18 May to 7 June 2020. Responses were received from 184 current members and 2 former members in total.

The activities and communication of TUO were mainly seen as good, functional and active. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! It’s great to read that TUO’s work is seen as important and the help has been found useful.

The areas of development also emerged constructively, and during the spring we have made plans to improve the keypoints of the challenges mentioned. We also want to open up the answers to all of you. It is important that every student feels that they can influence the activities of Student Union and feels it is possible to get involved!

“Have the opening hours of our service points been sufficient to you?”

180 of the members felt that the member service hours were sufficient. Regarding the membership services there were a few concerns about pop-up services and we will focus on communicating more about the schedules in the autumn. The Salo team will start at Salo campus in August implementing the TUO membership service for Salo students so that the help is available more accurately. On Linnankatu campus, the board will continue as usual (once every two weeks), but we are working to increase the visibility of our visits.

“How satisfied have you been with TUO’s services?”

Average of responses 4.05 (on a scale of 1-5). 23 open development ideas were given.

In terms of events were desired: more events, more inspiring events, support for student self-organized events, greater discounts, more non-alcoholic events, events for students with families and more fluent event arrangements.

Communication and visibility were commented on by 10 respondents. The main issue highlighted in these responses was that the activities are not clear to all students and visibility should be increased. Several respondents wanted clearer instructions for how and who to contact.

In addition to these, wishes were received about the easy possibility to influence to Master School students and the development of course evaluation criteria together with the TUAS.

Over the past 1.5 years, we have invested in organizing events and pruning events that have not been popular. We have found it reasonable to focus existing resources on larger events so that our events have good quality, are accessible to all students, and supports TUO’s other activities. However, we want to support students’ enthusiasm for organizing events and we have considered an operating model so that anyone can organize the event they want with the support of the board and staff.

In order to make TUO’s operations clearer in the future, we have classified all our operations into three categories: Welfare, Support & Development. We will be renewing our website this year, in which we aim to structure all activities more clearly. We also renewed the presentation for new students to follow the categorization. We will also update the contact instructions/information and will bring out more clearly our general e-mail (, which works in any case.

“What other services would you need from TUO?”

The question on new services received 24 answers.

6 respondents raised TUO’s clubs as desired services. Students want non-alcoholic clubs, sports clubs and more information about clubs in general.

Currently TUO has only Beer pong Club. The establishment of the club has been possible since spring 2018. Last year we organized an event where it was possible to come ask about club activities and / or get help setting up your own club. Apparently however, the communication has not reached all interested students. Instructions for founding a club are on our website: If you would like to start your own club, you can contact Chairperson of the Board Jade Tähtinen or our general email. The clubs do not establish themselves, so feel free to promote the club that interests you!

In addition to the clubs there were hopes about: Wellness webinars, PlayStation tournaments, secret bars, massages, event mailing list, course book recycling, ice cream tasting, discount coupons for clothing stores, food restaurants and bookstores, discounts to festival and gig tickets, plastic student card, etc.

Thanks for all the ideas! The Board will consider all the ideas and comments raised. In terms of discounts it is worth reviewing the current offering of Slice and Pivo which has expanded significantly over the last few years. You can always tip to e-mail for things that need a discount. This makes it easier to acquire partners for what students might be interested in.

“What do you think about TUO’s communications?”

Mean of responses 3.96 (on a scale of 1-5). Open answers were given on 13.

The approachability and visibility were seen as areas for development. Closer issues and a clearer presentation of benefits were also highlighted.

The Board has decided to grab the camera more easily and update Instagram Story, for example, in a lighter way in the autumn so that the boardt and its activities become known on social media as well. We have set a timetable for advocacy communication and will aim to better highlight in the fall what issues in the advocacy sector are on the table and what issues we are developing with the school.

“Are you interested in being an active member of TUO?”

18 people were interested in being an active member of TUO and we have contact all those who left their contact information. TUO’s activities do not run without active students which is why it’s great to see that many people are interested in being active! The board and staff manage TUO’s daily operations but for example it would be impossible to organize events without a wider active group. It is important that we have active students so students’ voices can be heard in all working and management groups and institutions.

If you want to be more actively involved in the activities of TUO  you can join the Facebook group “TUO yhteisö” (TUO community) or contact Carl “Eppu” Åberg, Vice Chairperson of the Board.

We work daily to promote student well-being. You can always contact us when you find problems related to studying or studies or when you want to develop new or old! You can reach the entire office with e-mail More detailed contact information can be found here.

During the summer we all try to relax and have a vacation but in August, we will continue hard work for the benefit of the students.

Happy summer for everyone!

-TUO’s board and staff