Thank you to all the active members of TUO in 2020!


The year 2020 has been very exceptional – Reaching students, meeting them, and taking care of their well-being has required completely new events and ways in the daily life of the student union. We would like to thank all the students who have been involved in our year!

Active members of TUO have previously been thanked with the little Christmas party of the TUO community, which could not be arranged this year. However, we want to thank everyone who has spent their time for the benefit of the students. All active members of the TUO community have received an e-mail which with they can purchase products from the Campus Shop.

The Board has also selected 7 individuals who deserve special mention for their work in the student union:

Aleksi Lindström
Anna Pentti
Ida-Maria Koli
Kristian Suominen
Matilda Runonen
Ronja Rantanen
Veera Nyfors

“Aleksi has been actively advocating well-being of the students at Salo, and with Alex’s help, Salotiimi was finally assembled this year. Kristian is an active educational developer and tutor. Ida-Maria and Ronja have been valuable help in the production of communications content this year. Anna, Veera and Matilda are active developers and a great help also in the event production”, concludes Eppu Åberg, Vice Chairperson of the Board responsible for active members this year.

Thank you all for your work for the well-being of the students!