The Finance Committee and Central Election Commission of 2021 have been organized


The Finance Committee 2021 had the first meeting on Friday the 15th of January and the Central Electoral Commission on Tuesday the 19th of January. The members of both organs have been elected at the Student Council meeting on the 24th of November 2020. TUO’s Executive Director Tero Rinne acts as the secretary of these organs.

Kristian Suominen was elected as the chairperson of the Central Election Commission and Riina Suomi as the vice chairperson. In addition, Katariina Pelto-Pihko, Jesse Malinen and Carl Åberg are full members of the Central Election Commission, and Jone Nousiainen, Emma Rantala and Samuli Mustonen are alternate members.

The Central Election Commission is responsible for organizing the elections of the Student Union, for example by determining the time and places of the elections. It also processes applications from student representatives and makes proposals to the Student Council on selections.

Anna Pentti was elected as the chairperson of the Finance Committee for 2021 and Amanda Savo as the vice chairperson. In addition to them, Oona Akkanen, Veera Nyfors and Veera Lähteenmäki are members of the Finance Committee.

The task of the Finance Committee is to monitor and guide the finances of the Student Union and to make proposals and initiatives to the Board in matters related to finances. The Finance Committee meets about once a month.