Trouble with your studies? TUO can help


This week, there’s been talk about the letter to the editor published in the newspaper Turun Sanomat, detailing the experiences of a disappointed TUAS student.

Student Union TUO wants to remind everybody that no TUO member has to face problems with their studies alone. TUO is here to help you.

How can I give feedback?

You can give feedback related to courses and studies directly to TUAS teachers and faculty.

Student Union TUO is working on assuring that students have it as easy as possible to give the school feedback on all studies-related issues. The student union and the school administration have discussed about encouraging feedback and taking students’ opinions into account.

If giving feedback to TUAS faculty doesn’t solve your problem, or you wish to give your feedback anonymously, you can always contact TUO about your problem.

On TUO’s website, you can fill in the so-called snail mail form, i.e. a complaint about missing grades. In all other issues, you can contact TUO’s adviser of promotion of interests and educational development.

TUO’s personnel will take your issue to the school faculty. All messages are treated confidentially and your personal information will not be given to the school faculty against your own wishes.

Making sure students are heard

One of the student union’s most important goals is making sure students’ opinions are taken into account within Turku University of Applied Sciences. To achieve that, TUO has representative in many TUAS committees.

In the committees, TUO brings forth students’ opinions and worries. For example, we talk about the importance of in-person courses and making sure all online courses are of high quality. We also remind the school about the importance of reacting to student feedback and communicating about the changes made based on feedback.

So TUO can communicate the student union members’ opinions effectively, it’s very important that TUO members let the student union know in case there are troubles.

“The student union cannot make sure TUAS fixes things unless our members let us know about the problems, first,” chairperson of TUO’s board Mikke Kuula reminds everybody.

In case you’re facing troubles and you’d like to ask for help or advice, you can find the contact details of TUO personnel and the feedback form here!