About Student Union TUO

What Student Union TUO actually is? How can student affect in TUAS? Who to contact if I have problems in my studies?

Student trusteeship

The student union of the Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO is the student’s home in TUAS, the one organization that takes care of your interest as a student. TUO has altogether around 4700 members. TUO is a member of SAMOK ry, which is the umbrella organization of the student unions of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. TUO is religiously and politically neutral and independent from trade unions.

Who to contact?

You can always turn to the educational and social affairs adviser if you have any questions or problems concerning your studies. The adviser can for example be involved in solving conflict situations, improving the quality of education in a degree program or work as a messenger between the students and faculty.

If you have a question or problem, please contact:

Marko Grönlund Adviser, promotion of interests and educational development & harassment officer +358 45 881 4050

Join the ranks!

TUO’s Student Council

TUO’s representative body of 31 members acts as the highest governing body of TUO. The representatives are chosen by election every autumn and they are in office for a full calendar year. Every member of the student union has the right to be a candidate and to vote.

The representatives decide on the plan of action and the financial evaluation, accepts the activity report and the accounts from the previous year, defines the amount of the membership fee and decides on possible changes to the rules and regulations. Additional to this the representatives select the board of TUO and the student representatives of the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

TUO's Board

TUO’s board leads and fulfills the activities of TUO along guidelines set by the representatives. By regulation the board consists of four to eight members, and this board acts for one calendar year. Each member of the board has their own area of responsibility. These responsibilities are handled internally within the Turku University of Applied Sciences, locally and nationally.

TUO's Active members

Being a TUO’s active member you can help with organizing events for the students together with TUO’s board. TUO has a few traditional, set events around the year, but new and fresh ideas are always welcome! TUO team is the place to be if you want to organize student activities for example culture / sport -related events for students. Hop in TUO-yhteisö in Facebook or ask more: tuo@opiskelijakunta.net

TUO's Tutors

TUO’s tutors help new students to start their studies and continue to support them for their entire first year!

TUO trains the new tutors each year and sets up meetings with the tutors a few times during the school year. The application period for the new tutors is open from 13th of December 2017 to 11th of January 2018. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to apply; tutoring is fun and rewarding!

Read more: Call for tutors

Student representatives

Student representatives of the faculties (johtoryhmävastaavat)

Student representatives act as a link between the students and the management team of each faculty.

Engineering and Business

Chemical Engineering: Neea Laine
Information and Communications Technology: Iiro Lehtiö
ICT: Juho Sandbacka
Business (Turku and Salo): Jere Vuorio & Veera Lähteenmäki
Civil and Community Engineering / Construction Management: Jesse Nyholm
Business Logistics / Sales and Purchases: Nantte Luoma
Industrial Management and Engineering / Automotive and Transportation Engineering: Pekka Lahtinen
Mechanical Engineering: Kristian Suominen

Health and Well-being

Dental hygiene / Dental technology: Sara Musta
Biomedical Laboratory Science / Radiography and Radiotherapy: Tapio Mattila
Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy: TBA
Social Services: Jaso Jaakkola
Emergency Care / Nursing: Oskari Ketola
Public Health Nursing / Midwifery: Laura Rinne
Nursing (Salo): Rebecca Nylund

Arts Academy

Fine Arts: TBA
Film and Media: TBA
Performing Arts: TBA

Board of Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd

Tero Haapala Student representative, Board of Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd

Other organs

Board of Examiners
Laura Knych, Santtu Pääkkönen (substitute)

Board of Student Affairs
Josefina Salmi, Laura Knych (substitute)

Regional Council of Southwest Finland (Maakunnan yhteistyöryhmä MYR)*
Jyri Niemi, student representative named by The Student Union of the University of Turku, TYY (substitute)

* TUO chooses the student representative every two years.

Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö

Jukka-Pekka Salmela

Mikke Kuula