Apply to be a tutor!

Apply to be student tutor!

Tutor application for 2022 is open 8.9.2021 12AM to 29.9.2021 11PM.  


How do I apply to become a student tutor?  

You can become a student tutor by filling out an application form that can be found here. Furthermore you’ll need to make a video application that must be sent to 

All applicants won’t be invited into an interview and some applicants can be chosen based solely on the written application and video application. You can read more about the criteria of the tutor application form here. 

What student tutoring is?  

You’ll be rewarded three credits and the tutoring can be used as voluntary studies. You’ll be acting as a student tutor for the whole year for your assigned first year group. On top of this you’ll get to know many new people and gain valuable experience on working as part of a group as well as leading one. As a student tutor you’ll also gain experience in organizing events and how a group works. Tutors do not need to manage all by yourself as you’ll get support from other tutors, personnel of TUAS and the student union. 

As a student tutor you’ll get to lead and help new students from day one. 

Responsibilities of a student tutor include:  

  • To plan the orientation days with the personnel of TUAS 
  • To teach how to manage and how to study at TUAS 
  • To introduce new students to student culture and free time activities 
  • To support new students as they get to know each other 
  • Promote the commitment and motivation to their studies 
  • Take part in the marketing of your studies and degree programme 

Please note that student union TUO is looking for new student tutors for full-time studies only.  


A mandatory two-part training will be hosted for the chosen tutors. Registration invite will be sent via email to those chosen.  

 An invite for the training will be sent at the end of October.  

How do I apply? 

Student tutor application process consists of an application form, a video application, possible group interview and credit score check.  


Be sure to fill the application form carefully as well as to make a video application because the choices are made based on both the application form and video application. After the end of the application period all applicants are contacted via email. 

Application is used to measure applicant’s motivation to acting as a student tutor and based on the applications, a decision is made to invite to the next step, group interviews. The application must show clearly the reasons why the applicant has decided to apply for a student tutor and also that the applicant has an idea of what tutoring consists of and what it demands from the applicant.  

Video application needs to be 2-4 minutes long. In the video application, you must tell your name and to what field of study you’ll be applying to be a student tutor. In addition, you’ll need to answer the following questions with reasoning: 

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a tutor?  
  • Do you think you’ll have enough time to be a tutor?  
  • What is in your opinion the hardest thing in tutoring?  
  • What would you do differently than you own tutors? What would you improve in tutoring?  

Video application is a mandatory part of the tutoring application. The application will be graded according to a grading criteria and the focus is not solely on the appearance.  

Both applications will be graded on a scale of 1 to 3. Choices can be made with application form and video application only or it can lead to an invite to an interview.  

Tutoring application criteria can be found here 


Student tutor applicants will be invited into a group interview based primarily on their field of study. Applicants don’t need to prepare for the group interview, just make sure to show up as yourself and with a cheerful spirit! 

  • The invitation to the group interviews will be send to the applicants via email after the end of the application period 
  • The scheduled interviewing time cannot be changed without a good reason 
  • The group interview will last for about 30 minutes per group 

Schedules will be released later, the interviews will be hosted in October of 2021.  

Tutoring criteria as a whole 

  • The choices of the new tutors will be made based on the application form, video application, interview and the credit check  
  • The applications will be graded on a scale of 1 to 3 
  • In the interviews we appreciate cooperation and group working skills, and we will be using flexibility, enthusiasm, wellbeing centricity, social skills and the idea of what student tutor’s role is as further grading criteria 
  • Choices can also be based on the specific dynamic of the tutoring group in case of more applicants than the number of student tutors required 
  • The diversity of the chosen student tutors will be taken into account 
  • The required success in studies and credit score is as well as possible other notes that can affect the choice either positively or negatively are checked with each applicant. Student tutors must be entirely trustworthy from both TUAS and student union TUO’s standpoint 
  • In case of a tutor, with his/her own actions, appears to be unfit for the position, it can be noted in the choice 
  • In a compelling situation, such as there not being enough applicants, these criteria can be relaxed 

Other information of the process 

  • We are primarily looking for new student tutors from those fields of study in which there are new students beginning their studies 
  • We’ll be in touch with all the applicants after the application period 
  • Chosen student tutors will be sent a link to register for a mandatory student tutor training 

 Further information: 

Tero Rinne