Apply to be a tutor!

Search for student tutors is now open!

We are searching tutors for the following degree programmes:
– Bachelor of Engineering, Information and communications technology (Turku)
– Beachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online (Turku)

As a tutor you get to teach and help new students from day one. Your responsibilities are for example:

-To plan the orientation days with the personnel of TUAS
– To teach how to manage and how to study at TUAS
– To introduce new students to student culture and free time activities
– To support new students as they get to know each other
– Take part in the marketing of your studies and degree programme

For being a tutor you’ll receive 3 credits. On top of that you’ll meet new people and get valuable experience of being in a group and leading one. As a tutor you’ll also get experience at organizing events and how a group actually works. You don’t need to manage all by yourself because you’ll get support from other tutors, personnel of TUAS and the student union.

Application time starts on Tuesday the 11th of December 2018 at 12.00. Applications must be sent before Sunday the 13th of January 2018 23.59.

You can apply by filling the following form here.

For more info ask your study counsellor or TUO’s adviser Lumi Sallinen (

The applicants will be contacted after the last application day.